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Japanese Legend’s Comeback Delayed – Former Pro Wrestling NOAH great, and former ROH World Champion Takeshi Morishima has had his comeback delayed due to a bout of sepsis.  He announced that he’d return at the October 15th Genesis event for Pro Wrestling NOAH but that is currently not going to happen; though his quest to return is still happening according to Dave Meltzer, who reported the story.

What is the NWA? – Billy Corgan’s plan to revive the NWA brand is…funky.  And for us IMPACT fans, thankfully not something we have to deal with .  David Lagana talked with Sean Waltman on Waltman’s podcast and revealed that he doesn’t see the NWA as a traditional promotion.  He went on to say it’s more like a boxing promotion, saying;

Were not a traditional wrestling company with 50 guys under contract, running all these live events we’re a promotion more like a Money Mayweather promotion or De La Hoya, you know what I mean? We promote fights and have successfully now promoted I would say two really big ones. Like the first was the Tim Storm fight with Nick {Aldis}, we got the attention on two people that they didn’t expect they wanted to see and now with the Cody one we’re a promotional machine. And in reality entertainment is not defined. Go look at traditional entertainment right now and the shifts going on, a sitcom in 1998 had a lot more value than a sitcom in 2010, 2018. So it’s all about what the audience wants to watch and how they want to watch it. And the fact that there are a lot of wrestling companies producing a lot of content that people aren’t paying attention to and we’ve been able to succeed by producing less content, making the content more important.

IMPACT News – To finally clarify the IMPACT/WWE meeting, it was the WWE who requested the meeting according to Dave Meltzer.  This is the third correction on the story since it first broke at the start of the week.    Abyss will be inducted into the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame at Bound for Glory.  Few deserve this honor more than him.  Speaking of Bound for Glory, Eddie Edwards has formally been booked to take on Moose at the event.  Edwards, Pentagon and Sami Callihan all have been big time match guys for the promotion this year; and you better believe this could be Moose’s biggest match to date.

Quick Hits – Daniel Bryan actually had the gull to say wrestling fans don’t respect the Bella’s (lack) of wrestling talent.  Apparently he didn’t see RAW where Brie couldn’t even hit a simple dive.  Brit Baker tweeted out she suffered a shoulder injury during her match with Shayna Bazsler at last night’s NXT tapings that’ll keep her out of the ring for a few weeks.  Rey Mysterio’s son Dominic will begin a three month training course with Lance Storm at his school.  Paige has gone on the record and said she doesn’t blame Sasha Banks for ending her career.  Sasha Banks ironically enough has suffered her own injury, which while not serious, will keep her out of the start of the Mixed Match Challenge.  Tony Schiavone will call the 70th Anniversary NWA Main Event featuring Nick Aldis taking on Cody Rhodes for the NWA World Championship.