The Ace Fires Shot At Bullet Club Leader, IMPACT Wrestling Meets with WWE and More! – WrestleCorp News


IMPACT Star Released – Andrew Everett has asked for and been granted his release form the company, that he’s been with since 2015 when he was one of the Global Force Wrestling wrestlers invading the company.  He won tag team gold with Curt Hawkins (Brian Myers).  Everett tweeted out a statement thanking IMPACT, saying;

Hey guys, 1/2

Earlier today I was granted my release from IMPACT wrestling. I had great times with the company, and I’m grateful for the opportunities that I received while under contract. At this moment, I feel that I need to test the waters in free agency…


allowing myself find a new direction in my craft. It’s exciting to see what awaits me in my career. Thank you for all your support, and again, thank you IMPACT Wrestling for bringing the Skywalker to a larger audience.

Top Star Injured – I personally think this whole Mixed Match Challenge was done to bring back Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman as a tag team, who stole the WWE Universe’s hearts.  Many fans are “shipping” them, despite Bliss actually having a fiance.  Well, Bliss is hurt due to an elbow issue and will be replaced with Ember Moon.  It’s expected that Bliss will replace Moon when she recovers,  but that could always change.

Hiroshi Tanahashi Digs Kenny Omega –  Oh god, yes.  I needed this.  The Ace himself, Hiroshi Tanahashi has taken shots at Kenny Omega, beginning the long build up to their January 4th encounter at the Dome Show.  During an interview on local radio in Japan, Tanahashi is quoted as saying;

Huge Match for AAA Booked – Jeff Jarrett is putting his blonde locks on the line against Dr. Wagner Jr. at Heroes Imoortales XII.  Wagner Jr., who just lost his mask last year at TripleMania, has been feuding with Jarrett for some time and he laid down the challenge at the most recent television tapings.  Wagner cost Jarrett the AAA Mega Championship (their World title) in Jarrett’s match with Fenix.

IMPACT and WWE Meet? – PWInsider is reporting that the WWE and IMPACT Wrestling had a meeting before IMPACT went to Mexico last week. PWInsider stresses that the company is not meeting with the WWE to sell the promotion or the video library but rather to “…get on the same page” with one another.  The theory that’s being floated around is that Ed Nordholm and Scott D’Amore met with Triple H and others on his staff over using more footage of IMPACT’s library on future WWE broadcasts.  With AJ Styles and Samoa Joe feuding, it would make sense that they’d use some old footage from their IMPACT feud.  It could also be used for a Matt Hardy retirement video, assuming that’s true.  There’s been a strong rumor for a few weeks now that IMPACT is a few months away from turning a profit under Anthem, so selling the promotion wouldn’t make sense.  Assuming it’s true.


Quick Hits – Mara Romero Borella, an MMA fighter out of Italy has received a 26 year suspension for drug trafficking, selling cocaine and pot at various nightclubs, bars, sporting arenas and even gyms that Borella trained at.  Yup.  Mike Coppinger is reporting that woman beater Floyd Mayweather is set to fight homophobe Manny Pacquiao in a rematch no one is wanting to see in boxing.   GIVE US CANELO VS. GGG 3!  Taichi defeated Hirooki Goto to win the NEVER Openweight title, much to Marcus’s chagrin.  Will Osprey will challenge Jay Lethal for the ROH World Title at Death Before Dishonor.  MLW will tape their show Fusion from Chicago on November 8th at the Cicero Stadium for beIN Sports.   WWE has released former IMPACT Wrestling star Mahabbali Shera, who never debuted with the WWE or NXT.