Mysterio Not Returning to WWE? Bray Wyatt Doubles Down on Being a P.O.S. and More! – WrestleCorp News

Rey Not Returning? – Despite claiming otherwise, there appears to be no guarnatee now that Rey Mysterio is returning to the WWE.  This might just be a ploy to keep fans on their heels for his eventual return, but according to Mysterio himself a return is not for sure.  Talking with Bill Apter, he revealed the following

We got to keep in mind that rumors will always be rumors.  There’s nothing locked in. There’s nothing secure that says that I am going back.

I’m doing what I’m doing right now. I’m enjoying my independent wrestling life. I get to choose and pick when I want to wrestle, where I want to wrestle. If I want matches, like were just mentioned versus Kenny [Omega], I’m going to make them happen, if it’s possible. There’s no insurance or security right now that I am going back. I’ll tell you what though, if the time is right and there’s an agreement on both ends, meaning WWE and myself, and there’s an offer on the table, I wouldn’t say no. If it’s correct. If it’s the right one. But in the meantime, I’m still enjoying my liberty out here in independent wrestling.

This is a huge shift from the “…waiting on a return date” comment he just made.  In a previous interview with Jim Ross, Mysterio alluded to still working on contract details that have now seemingly fallen apart if the above quote can be taken at his word.  This was what he said to Ross;

We’re still in the mix of it. We’ve been going back and forth, talking about possibly returning this month and then this month, so the longer it extends, the more I get work outside. That’s my bread and butter. That’s what I do for a living. I’m just waiting for them to say, ‘now.  When they say, ‘now,’ if the time is right, let’s go!

Update on Paul Heyman –  PWInsider is claiming that Paul Heyman is working backstage with the WWE for now.  Since Brock Lesnar isn’t expected back anytime soon, there has been many wondering what he’ll do next.  There are rumors of Heyman getting a new client but we’ll see what happens with that.

Bray Wyatt is Real Life Trash – Bray Wyatt abandoned his wife and children and slept with Jesse White’s (Vader’s son) long term significant offer JoJo Offerman, ending two relationships at once.  They’re both scum bags.  But at least JoJo has had the good decency to take her lumps.  Wyatt though is a piece of shit and is literally bragging about how he “got” JoJo.  Remember, this is a man who left is wife, and (according to her) is ignoring his children for JoJo.  Bray posted on Instagram the following comment on a photo of him and JoJo, saying;

@luisgrivasjr I whipe my ass with wannabe keyboard marks like you every day. And for everyone else that’s curious….how’d I get JoJo?? Because I am the goddamn man, that’s how. Case closed.


Quick Hits – The Observer is claiming Vince McMahon is back on the manager hype train, having promoted Drake Maverick and Lio Rush to manager status.  Dean Ambrose dealt with a staph infection during his recovery from surgery, which likely delayed his return.  Despite the WWE claiming otherwise, Neville still can’t accept dates yet on the indies, but he claims he’ll be able to “…very soon”, according to the Observer.  Meltzer also claims the WWE is interested in Killer Kross of IMPACT Wrestling.