Scarlett Bordeaux on Hot Shaming, CM Punk’s ‘Emergency’ Hatch and More! – WrestleCorp News

Scarlett Bordeaux Speaks – Scarlett Bordaeux recently talked to the media today during an IMPACT Wrestling teleconference and revealed how people view her “hot shame” gimmick, who came up with the term and more!

On her character being viewed as a character from a different era:

People are still trying to put it into a little box as far as what women’s wrestling is supposed to be, what women are supposed to be. How they’re supposed to dress, what they’re supposed to say. So, when people are like ‘oh [she’s] bringing it back 20 years’— am I? Honestly, I just think people are easily offended and triggered. The whole thing is just annoying to me, they need to accept a different style.
On who created the Hot-Shamed catch phrase:
I have to give credit for that to Don Callis for sure. He was the one that mentioned that mentioned hot-shamed to me and I was like ‘oh my God, I love it so much!’
On the character and who created it:
I wouldn’t say Don came up with the character; this is something that I have been doing for years as far as my personality. The term hot-shaming; we were talking about jealous girls and then all of the sudden he said the words ‘hot shaming’ and it was like a light bulb went off. Everything has been a group effort from all of these amazing people on the creative team. The character, I feel, is deep down like my alter ego, dark heart and soul, I don’t know how else to express it.

Would CM Punk Return to Wrestling? – While talking to ESPN’s The MMA Show to promote the the third season of The Beastmaster (Netflix’s American Ninja Warrior), Punk dropped a bombshell…that everyone saw coming and harmlessly avoided; He’s done with wrestling……for now.

Punk revealed on the show that he views a return to wrestling as a necessity over a want.  His comments paint a picture where he chooses a return due to other options drying up, saying;

To me that’s like an escape hatch.  I’ve got season three of Beastmaster on Netflix, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we get to move forward and do a season four. Aside from all the stuff that I can talk to you about, there’s all this secret stuff that I’m not allowed to talk about that I am doing too.

It’s not even a matter of not going to wrestling because I’m busy doing other stuff, there’s just nothing that interests me in wrestling.

Alexa Bliss Talks Ronda Rousey –  Alexa Bliss was on a media call and the topic of Ronda Rousey came up, and how Bliss felt about the WWE’s decision to bring her in.  Bliss is quoted as saying;

I think it’s great. I’ve said it before, that I think if we can have any woman from any other background to come into the WWE, it makes it better for the performers. So, I’ve been a fan of it since day one.

Quick Hits – Despite IMPACT Wrestling increasing their viewership against the NFL’s season opener, many pro wrestling journalists are claiming RAW’s decline last night was due to the NFL.  Sure, ok.  Keep living that lie.  Pentagon has stated publicly at a PCW Ultra show that he’s “…not going anywhere” and that he’ll be involved in PCW Ultra  wrestling for “…many, many more years”.  This comes on the tail of rumors of him going to the WWE in 2019.