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Austin Aries Dislikes Wrestling?  – Well, he dislikes it as a fan.  CLICKBAIT.  Austin Aries spoke with Konnan on his Keeping it Real with Konnan podcast, terrible name, and revealed that he’s no longer consuming pro wrestling as much as he used to.  Apparently Aries is not happy with the direction of SOME companies, that are gearing themselves to children.   Aries is quoted as saying;

I really don’t watch a lot of wrestling. I really don’t. People are surprised that I don’t. There was a time that I really loved pro wrestling, but I’m not a pro wrestling junkie, per se.  I don’t have a lot of free time with the amount of traveling that I do, but most of pro wrestling isn’t catered to me. I am not a kid. There are a lot of guys that complain to me about the product, but it’s like, well, you are not a kid. It is catered to sell t-shirts and merchandise to kids and their parents.

That is why with some of the things that we are doing at Impact Wrestling and other places there are more of a resurgence to more of an adult-orientated version of pro wrestling because that is what is missing for a long time.  Maybe, there is something we can do at Impact Wrestling that some corporate companies don’t want to touch. I think that there is a lot of people that miss what pro wrestling can give them too. I don’t watch a ton of it. I watch enough to see what is going on. I think it is also good to not be watching it because your ideas are your ideas.

This is clearly directed at the WWE, but also sensible advice.  If you minimize your exposure you can keep a completely open mind to ways of improving yourself.  Which is not a bad idea.

Brock Lesnar Update – While the WWE wants to keep Lesnar, it appears as though no new deal was worked out and Lesnar is now solely the UFC’s headache.  The former multi-sport World Champion has an open door policy according to industry insiders, but the WWE doesn’t expect to see him back until – the very least – his UFC career is formally over.

In that same vein, Lesnar has already taken and presumably passed three USADA mandated drug tests.  He’s in full training mode, and has eyes at training at 270.  The weight limit for UFC Heavyweights is 265, making it an easy skip to get to.

Quick Hits – Kevin Owens is jealous that he never sold out more than a couple thousand seats as ROH Champion, and is now claiming that ROH sold out Madison Square Garden thanks to the WWE; according to a new interview.  The Rock is somehow favored to win the 2019 Royal Rumble according to betting site Skybet.  Don’t gamble on pro wrestling, it’s stupid.  Paul Heyman might or might not be retained according to The Wrestling Observer.  Good analysis guys, John Madden train you guys personally?.  Sasha Banks still doesn’t want to work with Alexa Bliss because they totally aren’t being petty according to a new interview she did.  WWE Studios President Michael Luisi lost a power struggle with WWE Co-President Michelle Wilson, with Wilson taking over full power, according to Deadspin.