Alberto Skipping Out on Major Show, Lesnar Skipped RAW? and More! – WrestleCorp News

Alberto El Patron Skipping Event – New day, same story.  After being fired from IMPACT Wrestling in April, Alberto El Patron was looking for a new home.  It looked like a return to AAA could be possible, as he was booked for the TripleMania XXVI event on August 25th.  Key word, “was”.  Now Patron is not only going to be skipping the event, but he’s claim it’s over pay issues.  Patron claims that AAA never agreed upon a deposit for him.  Considering AAA has had financial issues in the past, and the fact that El Patron has a history of no-showing events in the past, it makes sense that they wouldn’t give him money before he showed up.

Lesnar Skipped RAW? – Despite being advertised, Brock Lesnar skipped out on Monday Night RAW last night.  In what some believe was his final RAW appearance before his contract expires, this took many by surprised.   There is some discussion that Lesnar could be back for the Hell in the Cell ppv event, but as Lesnar’s now in the USADA drug testing program with the idea of fighting at the turn of the new year, he’s probably training now for that fight.  So we’ll see how much time he wants to give to pro wrestling.

Jeff Hardy Talks Slowing Down – Jeff Hardy is eyeing a slow down in 2020 according to a new interview.  While speaking to a group of reporters RauteMusik recorded Jeff Hardy talking about his future, saying;

The WWE, this schedule is tough.  But you gotta be tough to survive here. But around 2020 hopefully we can do a limited schedule something with not as much wrestling where we do heal up.

That was the great thing about TNA and doing the indies, man. We would do [TV] tapings and be off for like a month and then do our indies whenever we wanted to. It was fun, but here it ain’t no joke man. You gotta be ready to go because they don’t slow down.

Quick Hits  – Erick Rowan is heading to legendary surgeon James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama this week to repair his torn bicep.   In news that’ll annoy Sasha Banks, Carmella claims that Bayley is her best friend in the WWE.  Luke Gallows and Nia Jax trolled fans over the last few days by pretending to be in an Twitter-relationship.