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Jeff Jarrett Suing Anthem and IMPACT – I’ll spare you the long read and boil it down to the point of contention; Jarrett wants Anthem to pay him damages for selling the Global Force Wrestling Anthology, and return the masters  tapes of those 16-one hour- shows.   Jarrett and “Global Wrestling Entertainment” are requesting a trial by jury to settle the lawsuit.  There are minor other claims as well mentioned, but most of it has to do with trademark, likeness, and other minor things of the ilk.

The problem will certain around the fact that Jarrett allowed IMPACT, then Global Force Wrestling, to air the content before finalizing the merger plans.  If the planned merger between IMPACT and GFW didn’t finalize, but IMPACT still aired the tapes, how did they do it?  Jarrett was part of the company when they aired the anthology series, so it’s not like he can claim he didn’t know.  I feel this is a cash grab by Jarrett, as Anthem hasn’t used or really made money off of those three pay per views.  For a more detailed deep dive, click here.


WWE Interested in Indy Name? – According to WrestleTalk, there is developing interest in indy star Stokely Hathaway.  Hathaway is a duel threat of sorts, being a solid wrestler as well as being a top flight manager.  He’s most known for being Moose’s mouth piece back in ROH in 2014, but has wrestled for ROH, Chikara and Evolve during his time on the indies.  Some on the internet believe that his appearance at Evolve 111, where he finished with the company, proves that he’s going to the WWE.


Quick Hits – WWE Star Sin Cara is dealing with an injury.  Chris Jericho continues to hem and haw about his wrestling future; replying to a fan that he”s “not necessarily” joining a North American wrestling promotion without Vince’s approval.