Marvel Re-Thinking Gunn? Toonami Expansion and More! – ComicCorp News

Marvel Trying to Reinstate James Gunn? – The PR nightmare that has been the James Gunn firing won’t die down and with the report that franchise star Dave Bautista is ready to quit in protest sure doesn’t help.  Deadline is reporting that Disney is doing a 180 and trying to find a way to bring Gunn back.  Apparently execs for the Marvel brand are trying to convince the overall execs at Disney to rethink the move and bring Gunn back in for Guardians 3.

I’d imagine it’s still a long-shot but we’ll see what happens.

Toonami Expansion – Jason DeMarco, the head of the Toonami Block on Cartoon Network did a bit of a Q and A on AskFM and revealed some thoughts he’s had over the latest success of the brand.  When asked about the resurgence Toonami has had, Demarco replied with;

Yep I’m as surprised by the recent turn of events as you are…I’ll just say that the network has long range plans for Toonami and ratings are only one factor by which it’s success will be measured.

This is coming off of the heels of the announcement that Toonami is moving to a 10:00 start time, one of its earliest in recent memory.    The new lead in will be My Hero Academia, before Dragon Ball Super takes over. Titles including Attack on Titan, Pop Team Epic, Hunter x Hunter, and others are going to be aired in the new block as well.  It’ll still run to 3:30 AM and the new lineup starts on August 17th, which is next week.

Sonic Casting News – It was reported last night that Ben Schwartz of Parks and Rec fame will place the blue speedster in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film.  They’re not done though, as Adam Pally (Iron Man 3) and Damian Darhk himself, Neal McDonough.  They’ll join James Marsden, Tika Sumpter and Jim Carrey; the latter of which will play the main villain Doctor Eggman.

Quick Hits – Deadline reports that Kiana Madeira will place a female version of DC Supervillain Spin.  Joivan Wade will play Vic Stone (Cyborg) on the upcoming Doom Patrol series.  Sony apparently has access to over 900 Marvel characters tied to Spider-Man, including Silk.