Gunn in Talks With Marvel, New Power Ranger Film Coming and More! – ComicCorp News

James Gunn in Talks With Marvel? – James Gunn is currently in talks with Marvel about a buyout, this according to the Hollywood Reporter.  The deal would presumably pay Gunn about what he would of earned for doing the 3rd Guardians of the Galaxy film. In some good news, Gunn’s script will allegedly be used, and there is hope among some that Marvel and Gunn hash out their problems.  While some think it’ll be fore Guardians 3, others think it’ll be a bit down the line when this mess calms down.

Power Rangers Getting a Sequel? – Since Hasbro acquired the Power Rangers brand, there’s been many conversations about where the brand will go from here.  Well a new report seems to hint at a new Power Rangers movie coming in the near future.  The word is ambiguous at best, as the report does claim a new film, but worded it in a way that could either be a sequel, or a reboot.  Either way this will make fans interested to say the least.

Quick Hits – The CW has cast Ruby Rose as Batwoman in the upcoming DC Comics live action adaptation.  Guy Pearce is up for a role in the upcoming Bloodshot film.  Todd Phillips’ Joker film is expected to be rated R, as there appears to be minor nudity expected.  The Morbius film starring Jared Leto will apparently see Martine Bancroft as the other main character opposite Leto’s Morbius.