Black Widow a Film a Go and More! – ComicCorp News


Black Widow Movie Official – The long awaited Black Widow movie is finally a go, starring Scarlet Johansson and directed by Cate Shortland to direct.  The film will be set before 2012’s Avengers film.  Shortland directed Berlin Syndrome and Lore and will try to reinvigorate energy and excitement into a Johansson project when the actress is at her all time low in popularity.   There’s a chance that with Johansson playing two controversial roles that allegedly take acting opportunities away from minorities, that this film flops.  No word yet on if and who the folks at Marvel will have cameo and star alongside the Black Widow.  Jeremy Renner seems like a natural fit.  As does the Winter Soldier at least as an antagonist.

Quick Hits – The U.S. Justice Department has filed a notice of appeal over the AT&T/Time Warner merger, as expected.  This is merely done to access the impact the merger will have on market place and to see if a monopoly is possible.  A woman is apparently impersonating top Disney female officials in an attempt to sexual assault individuals over the possibility of landing a film role.  We’ll talk more about this tonight on ComicCorp.  DC Comics has stripped away the ability to time travel from The Flash’s.