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Amazon Orders New Comic Series – Amazon Studios is launching a new series on the platform, called Invincible.  The comic book has gained a bit of cult status for Image Comics, and is considered one of the better written superhero books of the modern era.  The book is also created by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

New Star Trek Reboot Coming? – Alex Kurtzman, the co-creator of Star Trek: Discovery is seeking to expand the new Star Trek television franchise.  The report from the Hollywood Reporter states that not only are they planning a sister-show, but that Jean-Luc Picard is set to return.  Yes, that means the return of iconic actor Patrick Stewart to Starfleet.  CBS hasn’t confirmed the show, but it makes sense they would consider expansion.

Quick HitsFamily Guy is planning on celebrating beloved acting icon, Adam West this upcoming season.  West played Mayor West on the show from the start of the series, until his death at the age of 88.   The Boba Fett stand alone film probably won’t start filming until 2020 according to Omega Underground.