Mass Exodus Expected From NJPW to WWE? WWE Doctor Commits Ethics Violation? and More! – WrestleCorp News

WWE Working With NJPW? –  Triple H, one of the top decision makers in the WWE, is apparently open to working with New Japan Pro Wrestling.  In an interview with Sunsport, Triple H said that there exists a possibility of working with the Japanese powerhouse promotion, saying;

We have an alliance with PROGRESS in the UK, a situation with ICW in Scotland, two very well run and respected promotions that do good business – but more importantly they are cultivating talent. They are not just exploiting talent and grabbing guys to do a show with them, they are teaching talent and trying to make them better, which is what it is all about for me.

Is there opportunity for cross-promotional events?  Absolutely, with the right things. It’s a blank slate and I’m open to just about anything if the right situation shows itself.

WWE Planning Mass Exodus? – Despite Triple H’s talk of working with their chief rivals, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer claims otherwise.  Big Dave claims that there is interest from the WWE in many of NJPW’s biggest names and plans on targeting them, as well as wrestlers who helped All In sellout.  While many speculate that they’ll target both IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega and IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions the Young Bucks, all three men have made a note of making their legacy on their own merits.  All three men have been offered or even in the WWE at various points in their youth and are some of the highest paid performers going.  While the WWE can pony up the money, The Young Bucks, and Cody Rhodes have all indicated to have made seven figures on their own, outside of the WWE.  So the money won’t be the determining factor.

Chris Amann Under Investigation? – Court room documents have shown that Dr. Chris Amann, the man who sued CM Punk, apparently was dating one-time WWE wrestler Jillian Hall.  Deadspin reported on this first.  Apparently Cliff Compton was told by Hall herself that she was in a relationship with Amann.  This was after Compton had been let go by the WWE.   CM Punk’s sister, Chaleen Rumpf testified that she was told about Amann doing unethical things.

Deadspin contacted Hall about the story and she confirmed it.  To make matters worse, she was dating him while they toured together, and Amann was the only doctor on staff for the RAW brand at the time.   The WWE was contacted by Deadspin and told them that they were investigating the story and will determine if and when action is warranted.

For those unaware, a Doctor cannot date a patient.  It’s deemed unethical and is grounds for a loss of his medical license.  With Amann being the only touring doctor for the brand Hall worked on, he would of performed minor procedures on her, which is also unethical.   Doctors are not allowed to treat family, as it’s a conflict of interest.  So even if there was nothing illegal about the relationship, the fact they were intimate would negate that, and would expose Amann to various lawsuits.

With Amann being an intelligent man (one would think) and the loss of his career being possible due to his own testimony, it feels more and more likely that the WWE was the one who pushed him to go to trial.  It appears that Amann has violated numerous AMA Ethics, and it seems unlikely with the amount of media attention this got, that this will just quietly go away.

Quick Hits – AJ Styles is expected to be named the WWE 2k19 video game cover model.  Ronda Rousey will be available in pre-order purchase only.   Rey Mysterio is rumored to be in the game as well, all this according to the Pro Wrestling Sheet.  Charlotte Flair will undergo surgery to repair a ruptured breast implant after her Money in the Bank match.  She’s expected back in time for SummerSlam.