Top Artist Out at DC Comics, New DC Movie Brand Coming? and More! – ComicCorp News



DC Artist Gone? – Former DC Comics Writer Ethan Van Sciver is out with DC Comics, instead opting to peruse creator-owned work.  Van Sciver opted to not renew his contract apparently.  He’s going back to his work on the Cyberfrog line, after raising funds for it on Indiegogo.

Van Sciver has had a lot of blowback on Twitter and other social media outlets in recent years, due to his far right leaning political ideals and his very terse interactions with fans.


Update on Two Joker Films – The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that Todd Phillips’ Joker will have a start date to it’s production in the fall.  The budget of the film, which will see Joaquin Phoenix debut as a different Joker than Jared Leto’s most recent take.  The new movie is expected to launch a DC Black label, which will see more creative freedoms with their characters and storyline decisions.  Considering how popular DC’s Multiverse is, this isn’t too out of the box to imagine working.


Quick Hits – Stan Lee’s former laywer Tom Lallas has been appointed guardian ad litem for Lee, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  We got our first look at the Black Manta suit from the upcoming Aquaman film