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Cena vs. Undertaker II – Well this just sounds like a bad idea.  John Cena and The Undertaker are set for a 2018 rematch at SummerSlam, allegedly.  While Cena is still sitting on 16 World titles and one would think they would want to do a championship match at SummerSlam to shift the sloping tide of negative opinions on WWE shows.  Something like revisiting Cena and AJ Styles would make sense.  Or doing Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Cena or even Samoa Joe vs. Cena.  However, according to Bryan Alvarez of the Observer,  Cena and Taker having a rematch is a “realistic possibility”.

HHH Talks Moving Main Roster to NXT? – Apparently there’s a discussion to move struggling main roster guys to NXT, however Triple H was quick to point out that NXT just doesn’t have the room in it’s current format to accommodate the idea, citing EC3 not having a match at Takeover.  There are a lot of guys who could use a move, but how about a move out of the company?  Be it due to inability to get the job done, or just letting them have the freedom to grow their own personal brand, I think more wrestlers should take the Cody Rhodes and Drew Galloway path and make it on their own.

Triple H also said that NXT could end up on t.v. one day and that the rumors of a new performance center that Roode alluded to, was not happening just yet.

Eli Drake Contract Update? – Eli Drake has apparently signed a short extension with IMPACT Wrestling through Slammiversary weekend and the tapings after.  However, this might not be good news.  Obviously the deal Eli got, should the rumor from PWInsider be true, was what he wanted financially.  So why only through July?  The thought is that Eli is in fact moving on to the WWE after the summer event, but was open to working with the company for a few more weeks.  It’s very possible the company and Eli are still negotiating and this is only a short term deal in order to be able to continue talking further, without missing out on Slammiversary.  Either way though, we’ll know post Slammiversary if he’s staying or going.

Update on IMPACT Backstage Interviewers – It appears as though IMPACT Wrestling’s signing of Alicia Atout is done to limit travel costs and to use her Canadian connection when IMPACT comes to the Canada.  Atout is a Toronto native, and will be used for all events that are featured in Canada.  Other backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell will be used stateside, for the same duties.  Mitchell now resides in Los Angeles for those wondering.

New Indy Wrestling Streaming Service – Pivotshare has announced a new streaming service for indy wrestling called Powerslam.TV.  The company released a press release, which you can read below;



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With well over 100 pro wrestling channels in over 15 countries powered by the Pivotshare platform, the company is able to acquire the best events from both the indie circuit as well as more established brands to hand-curate a video library that has something for everyone. Powerslam is the heartbeat of the indie pro wrestling world offering genuine content to fans that are looking for more than the glitzy, superficial, overproduced offerings found elsewhere. Strong-style content can be found next to lucha and hardcore events, along with family-friendly brands, roundtables, and shoot interviews with some of the legends in the business like Mick Foley, Ric Flair, Matt Hardy, A.J. Styles, and Colt Cabana.

Pivotshare’s head of Publisher Relations, Chris Woolsey spoke about his excitement for the project when saying, “We wanted to create a channel that was going to not only help our partner-promotions generate revenue, but to also reach a huge new audience through super-serving wrestling fans around the globe.” He went on to add, “It seems like many of the other streaming options in the market aren’t really delivering on their promises of revenue. We wanted to create something that can grow along with the great brands we work with. We think wrestling content is valuable, and our partners should receive real revenue from their hard work.”

Owners of pro wrestling promotions are equally excited about Powerslam as a way to not only grow their recurring revenue, but also as a powerful marketing tool to expose their brand to a global audience. James Gilmer, owner of Seattle’s DEFY wrestling said that his team “is so excited to be a part of Powerslam…This channel will make DEFY shows and our weekly series DEFY NOW available to the widest audience yet and we feel honored and energized to be featured alongside a select group of premium promotions.”

Powerslam has launched on iOS, Apple TV, Android, and Roku devices, as well as Amazon Prime Channels. Wrestling fans can go to Powerslam.tv to get a Free Trial on their device of choice and wrestling promotions interested in syndicating their valuable content to Powerslam can apply at powerslam.tv/join.

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Quick Hits – Dave Meltzer is a daffy bastard, and rated Okada vs. Omega IV a whopping 7 stars.  A Las Vegas company called KBN INC. apparently filed a trademark for Halloween Havoc, with the intention on using it for a pro wrestling event.  James Ellsworth claimed he’d be in China on the weekend of Money in the Bank, but the company he was set to appear with (Middle Kingdom Wrestling) claims that Ellsworth has been pulled from the show, thus leading many to assume he’ll be at the WWE event this Sunday.