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Ethan Carter III Reveals Why He Left IMPACT – EC3 talked to Edge and Christian on the E&C’s Pod of Awesome.  EC3 talked to the gang about a variety of topics, but mostly about why he left IMPACT Wrestling.  EC3 was candid, but complimentary of the organization, saying;

I became champ and had a run with it.  Then, lose it, win it back, run with the Hardys. It was kind of a weird time especially within the company. I think it was the closest to ‘nobody knows what the hell is going on’ because there [were] always rumors and speculation and we were never really abreast. It could be real or it could be facetious. You never knew and all we could do is do our jobs and did them well. Then, I go from a heel to a babyface for a while. Management changes once, twice, and then, finally, a third time. There was new ownership and at the same time, in my life, I don’t know, my life plan did not work out and I can just probably leave it at that as far as personal things. I thought I had it figured out. I obviously didn’t. And I’m looking at everything and I definitely needed a change and the time seemed right. I loved the company. Impact was great to me. Management was nothing but wonderful and accommodating and I had a really sweet deal. But at the same time, I’ve done it. I don’t know what else I can do here besides this company becomes number one, which is not going to happen at all with me. I have unfinished business that I have to seek. Like Good Will Hunting, I had to see about a girl, but that girl was named Vince, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. And she is beautiful! She is so hot! She’s not crazy at all! A little bit [boxy], yep. Yeah, thick around the shoulders… In the back of my mind, there were other options. I was going to leave regardless, before my time just because I had to do something with my life to change it.

IMPACT Wrestling Hires Major Interviewer – Update: PWInsider broke the story that Mitchell was gone from the promotion have since retracted that.  It appears that Mitchell and Atout will be working in IMPACT together.

IMPACT stepped up and replaced Mitchell with online interviewer Alicia Atout.  Atout has made a name for herself with AMBY, a website where she posts interviews with pro wrestlers, musicians, comic book writers and other alternative-celebs.    She’ll replace Mitchell moving forward.

Quick Hits – Xavier Woods will be a playable character in the upcoming Bomberman R video game.  Bobby Roode claims that Curt Hennig was his wrestling ideal growing up.  WWE has moved the SmackDown Tag Team title match pitting The Club against The Bludgeon Brothers to the Money in the Bank pre-show.