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Mysterio Still WWE Bound? – Despite not being signed yet, the WWE still wants to bring in Rey Mysterio after his ruckus reaction at the 2018 Royal Rumble.  According to Dave Meltzer, Mysterio has dates booked through the summer, so the earliest he”d join would be September.  Mysterio will be wrestling in NJPW tomorrow morning, so he’s still getting major events even without the WWE.

Haku Dismisses Toughest Wrestler Claims – Haku, otherwise known as Meng, has revealed that he’s never seen himself as ‘tough’, but cultivated the image he had in order to make a name for himself.  He’s quoted as saying;

My thing is that I am not the toughest, I was just trying to make a name for myself in the business,” Haku said. “Coming in from a third world country, the family is waiting. The island is waiting because we were sent to Japan to represent the country, so the spirit is still there. So, when you represent the country with the way we live in the Sumo world, you are a Samurai, and we came to United States, my goodness, the language… you are trying to run and think about your family and your country and you try to represent them well and you try to send money to the family, those were the biggest things for me. It’s not that I am the toughest, but because I am a protector. A protector of my family, of my country. I had a Samurai mentality, a third-world mentality, who always looked back and never forgot where he came from. It wasn’t because I wanted to be the toughest, but things happened and I am sorry that they happened.

Haku also went on to say that his legendary bar brawls were mostly due to people who disrespected him and the business.


Quick Hits – Revolution Pro has confirmed that talents signed from their promotion to the WWE UK deals will no longer be able to appear on Revolution Pro shows, but will be allowed to appear at Progress events.  UK talent Chris Brookes was offered a contract, but turned it down.   Shane Helms will debut with ROH by teaming up with Cheeseburger and Delirious and will face off with Punishment Martinez, Shane Taylor and Bully Ray in a six man tag tag at State of the Art.