WWE Exec Fired Over Wife’s Racist Account, Baroni Gets Slammed by Grandson of Plumber and More! – WrestleCorp News

WWE Exec Fired – Salvatore Siino, was the Senior Vice President of Global Content Distribution and Business Development before getting fired due to his wife.  Apparently Amy Mek an anti-Muslim twitter user was exposed as Amy Mekelburg of New York, the wife of Siino.  The Huffington Post discovered her identity and published it, and included a bit that allegedly stated that the WWE knew of this account, but told Siino to keep their distance from the WWE if this was happening.  The WWE, shockingly, has denied any knowledge of knowing this.

Siino was responsible for detailed negotiations in the Middle East, and his wife leading an anti-Muslim campaign on Twitter was seen as problematic.

She claims that Siino was fired for her “pro Trump. Pro-Jew.  Pro-Christian” beliefs.  However, spending anytime on her timeline will show you a zealot who spends too much time spreading hate, false information and being antagonistically in every facet of her life.  Even if she isn’t anti-Muslim, she’s embarrassing and that’s enough of a reason legal to dismiss someone.  If you don’t think you can be fired for bringing embarrassment to the company, you are so new to this world.


Cody Rhodes Slams Failed MMA Fighter – Phil Baroni, who rocks a-not-so-impressive 16-18, took to Twitter to slam the NWA for booking Cody Rhodes for the match and flat out says Cody sucks.  Well, don’t poke bears, Phil.  Baroni.  See Phil here is a MMA fighter who’s won one fight in 6 years.  He’s tried to transition to pro wrestling alongside Stephan Bonnar a few years back but has never caught on.  So when Cody saw the tweet, he dropped the Twitter version of the Bionic Elbow on Phil, saying;

I also want to point out that Baroni has been accused by Stephan Bonnar on the Inside BJJ show (though, the quality is terrible) of having slept with Bonnar’s wife.  Baroni seems out of it during the whole exchange and never verifies if this happened.  Both men apparently work together but don’t like each other.

So, you know, class act.

Second Gen Star Coming In? – NXT Trainer Robbie Brookside is a UK legend to many.  The idea of him bringing in his kin to the WWE is an interesting thought.  According to Dave Meltzer, Brookside’s step-daughter, Xia, has been training for three years and is being evaluated for a spot in the 2018 Mae Young Classic.  Xia Brookside cancelled her summer tour, but did not mention to the promoters why she cancelled her dates, usually a sign the WWE has asked talent to refrain from mentioning the why’s.  The 19 year old has apparently wrestled just south of 200 matches already and has earned the respect of Jeoy Ryan and Tenille Dashwood already.

Quick Hits  – Nikki Bella confirms she and John Cena are ‘working’ on their relationship.  I do sure hope they apologize for lying to all the fans about being broken up.  Jake Hager (Jack Swagger) and Rich Swann will be on tonight’s MLW episode.