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FITE Agrees to Partnership – FITE and Global Force Entertainment are getting into business with one another.  FITE TV and GFE will develop sports and entertainment shows for the FITE sports app.  It should be noted that nothing is being said about a revival of the GFW for now.   While Jarrett seemingly retains the rights to the brand, he may be wanting some distance from what some believe to be a failed run in 2017 before reviving the actual wrestling brand.  That said, with FITE broadcasting shows on their app, this may finally be the avenue needed to get GFW on regular viewings on a bi-monthly platform.  Or Jarrett could just be going into business with FITE to develop major events like he once did with NJPW.

NEW YORK, May 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Today FITE TV and Global Force Entertainment (GFE) announced their partnership for GFE to develop sports and entertainment programming for the FITE combat sports platform.  FITE is the premium digital network for live streaming of combat sports on a global basis.

Global Force Entertainment, led by industry veteran Jeff Jarrett, a recent inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, has been an innovator in the development of professional wrestling content starting with the launch of Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (TNA) in 2002.   Jarrett, a third generation wrestling promoter, was born into the business learning from his father and grandmother the ins and outs of bringing live wrestling events to market using the latest technology available.

FITE currently has over 750,000 registered users for its programming that features Pro Wrestling, Boxing, MMA and Kickboxing.  Since its launch in February of 2016, FITE has presented over 1000 live events from around the globe. Additionally, FITE has over 7500 hours of Video on Demand content available to its dedicated viewers.  FITE is available as mobile app on iOs and Android mobile devices, on the web at and on the Roku, Apple TV and Android boxes.

In the relationship, GFE will be developing and acquiring wrestling events and ancillary wrestling programming for the FITE digital television platform.  Additionally, GFE is working with Flipps Media Inc, (FITE’s parent company) to develop non-combat sports programming for a to-be-determined digital platform using the “best in class” streaming technology developed by Flipps.

“FITE has a long standing relationship with Jeff Jarrett dating back to the first ever live PPV event on the digital platform, NJPW WrestleKingdom 9,” said Michael Weber, FITE COO.  “Currently we are working with Jeff on some very exciting programming for FITE that we will be announcing over the summer that help us to continue to be the number one digital platform for combat sports.”

“Currently FITE airs programming originating from over 30 different countries in the world for over 300 different live event promotions,” said Global Force Entertainment CEO, Jeff Jarrett.  “FITE TV is the future of how fans will be watching their favorite combat sports programing.  This is the right place for GFE programing.”

About FITE:

FITE brings premium combat sports programming to MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing and Pro Wrestling fans to watch live on every device.  

FITE proprietary cast-to-TV technology enables users to livestream instantly to over 350M connected TVs around the world with just their phones. The free-to-download mobile app works with any Wi-Fi connected television as well as streaming devices such as Chromecast, Playstation, Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV.  FITE programming is also available at and on the Apple TV, Roku and Android set top boxes.

FITE is a product of Flipps Media Inc, the digital entertainment company with patented technology for instant tap-to-TV streaming.

About Global Force Entertainment

The Nashville based, Global Force Entertainment (GFE) was founded in 2014 by WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling veteran Jeff Jarrett.  GFE specializes in developing and acquiring events that take place in non-traditional settings featuring the stars from the pro wrestling and music world. For more information go to

Johnny Impact News – Taya Valkyrie confirmed on Twitter rumors of her fiance Johnny Impact (aka Morrison/Mundo) appearing on Survivor when it airs next season.  In a bit of ironic news, Dave Meltzer is reporting that Johnny is attempting to land on with a tour of NJPW.  Now that he’s distanced himself from AAA over issues with head booker Vampiro, Impact is now free to work with NJPW.  AAA has issues with rival promotion CMLL, and CMLL have a working relationship with NJPW and any type of talent exchange between AAA and NJPW was not going to happe; as it would be seen as beneficial to CMLL.  AAA has also been dealing with mismanagement for many years, losing top talent and signing talent with some questionable ethics.   Now that Johnny is free of that company, many think it could be very interesting to see what he can do with the talent in Japan.

BOSJ Standings – The Best of the Super Juniors are ongoing, and while I’m not going to spoil every match that happens, I will break down the point standings.

In Block A Tiger Mask is at the top with six points, Flip Gordon, Will Osprey and Taiji Ishimori all have four, ACH, YOH and Yoshinobu Kanemaru all have two and Bushi has zero.

In Block B it’s a current two way tie between Dragon Lee and El Desperado for four points each.  With Hiromu Takahashi, Chris Sabin, KUSHIDA and SHO all having two.  Marty Scrull and Ryusuke Taguchi both have zero.


Quick Hits – Ronda Rousey will be making her Japanese debut working with RAW on August 31st in Osaka, Japan.   Rumor has it from Meltzer that the Gargano/Ciampa match was set to be a Last Man Standing match but was changed to  a Street Fight due to the Nakamura/Styles match that takes place on the same weekend.  Despite several different outlets claiming otherwise, Nikki Bella claims that her and Cena aren’t back together.  Gotta get them season finale views, right?  Toni Storm’s new deal with the company is apparently for the UK expansion idea and not intended for NXT at the moment.