Cody Gives Major ‘All In’ Update, WWE Makes Awful Decision About PPV’s and More! – WrestleCorp News


All In Not Being Filmed? – The good folks at All In will more than likely not be broadcasting the event, which is super disappointing news for everyone involved. The show is being built up as a modern day Starrcade, an event that sees multiple companies and stars come together for one show (like the original Starrcade). Cody is apparently still looking into options, but may remove the “camera hold” where the hard-camera is in the audience in order to have more seats available.


WWE Going Longer on PPV’s? – The WWE is really giving fans a line of things they never asked for or wanted.  Fans wanted single-branded events, every other month, in order to see more of their favorites on big stages.  Instead we got single-branded events, every other week it felt like.  No room to breath.  Then we got 7 hour WrestleMania’s and 5 Hour SummerSlams.  Now every pay per view is going to four hours AT LEAST.

PWInsider is reporting that every pay per view will start airing at 7 p.m. EST.  That’s not Kickoff shows folks, those start at 6 p.m. EST now.   We picked a hell of a week to bail on this promotion.

Quick Hits – Dave Meltzer is under the impression that despite the UFC and WWE sharing a broadcast home on Fox, there won’t be any cross brand recognition.  Total Bella’s debuted to it’s lowest ratings ever after months of the fake Cean/Bella break up angle were pumped through a variety of sources.

NJPW posted an impressive, yet vulgar, Chris Jericho promo in anticipation for his match with Naito.