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John Cena/Nikki Bella Engagement a Work? – John Cena took a bold step last night by commenting publicly about his desire to be with Nikki Bella, getting married to her and even having kids with her.

And whether I want to realize it or not, she becomes my #1. So I’m willing to go back on all these things that I said, and a lot of them I was hanging onto just because of stubbornness. ‘I. Won’t. Have. Kids.’ And it took a very strong look in the mirror for me to be like, ‘Why?’ This person is my #1 and it’s something that’s very valuable to her, and of course we can do this and I think it would be wonderful. Granted, I’m often a horrible communicator when it comes to stuff like that. Like, I say the wrong things and I think guys out there know what I’m talking about. But all of that switched because I love her and all of those decisions… she’s my #1 and I just want to make her happy. … Right now she’s happy and you want to talk about taking one for the team and really sucking it up? She, I guess, needed a little time to find what she’s looking for and at the risk of my own emotional well-being, especially so close to that moment of ‘I Do”, she needs to be happy.

However the question that is being asked around now is “…how real is this?”  For something like this to be so public, it seems almost too convenient.   For them to go back and for in the open, and knowing that the next season of Total Bella’s focuses on this breakup, it seems not just possible but likely that this is a fake.  However, it might be fake for different reasons.

John Cena took a verbal lashing after the breakup happened from “unnamed” sources in the tabloids.  Cena has proven to be extremely manipulative and conniving.  Just ask Alex Riley.  Do I think that Cena is saying all this to just make Nikki Bella look bad?  That he’d go to such lengths to make Nikki look bad for all the unwarranted mud slinging?  That he’d outright lie to make Nikki look bad just to ‘win’ a breakup?   Do I think he’s doing?  No, but is it possible?  Yeah, it really is.

MITB Match Finalized? – While we’re waiting to see which New Day Member (*cough Big E*) gets into the match, we know the rest of the ladder match.  Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, The Miz, Rusev, Kevin Owens, Bobby Roode are all confirmed.  Finally Big Cass and Samoa Joe will battle it out for the final spot on SmackDown.

Hulk Hogan Talks WWE Return – Hulk Hogan was interviewed recently by The Buffalo News about his Nickel City Con at Buffalo Niagara Convention Center and revealed an update about his possible return to the WWE, saying;

Until you hit a home run, it’s not a home run. All these things say it’s imminent or rumors, that’s like saying ‘maybe, possibly, could be.’ Until I’m back home with the WWE, I’m not home. Hopefully some day I can go back home and be with my family, the wrestlers and all the people I love. I just really, really hope it happens.

It seems likely he’d be back.  With the WWE going to Saudi Arabia, bringing back a man who’s apologetic about a private moment seems like a low bar on the scandal meter.

Quick Hits – Chris Jericho is apparently in London, England tonight, the site of SmackDown but considering he’s booked for NJPW in June, it’s unlikely he appears on t.v. Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles will meet tonight one on one with the winner picking the stipulation for Money in the Bank. Kevin Nash revealed that the infamous “4 Life” line the nWo used for years was actually taken from a Mack 10 song.