Joe Talks ‘Umaga’ Gimmick Rumors, WWE Picks Up YouTube Red Series and More! – WrestleCorp News

Samoa Joe Talks Umaga Rumors – Going back to his debut, there was always a fan rumor that Samoa Joe was in talks to join the WWE back in 2006 to portray the Umaga character that was portrayed by Eddie Fatu.  Joe commented on this recently, shooting down the rumor out right, saying;

It absolutely, positively, couldn’t be any more false.  We never talked, like… What people didn’t get is, they couldn’t talk to me legally. I think I still had two years on my contract, I wasn’t going anywhere. So, it’s funny, I think people thought you could just walk away from a deal at that time. You couldn’t. We never talked, I was never even brought up to be Umaga.

Joe then went to say that the people comparing the characters at that were racist, continuing on;

I thought it was mad racist, cause it was like, I had just come on TNA and I was Samoa Joe, and it was like this prominently featured Samoan character, and then it was like, oh, well this is WWE’s answer to Samoa Joe, right? No.  You wouldn’t do that if it was any other… Right? It was mad racist to me.

Why would you come up with that comparative, because he’s like… we weren’t even the same character! We weren’t even remotely anything like each other. But the fact that I was Samoan and he was Samoan, we were the same character. And I was like, what…what are you talking…? That’s the comparison you draw?

UFC to ESPN? – It appears the rumors of the UFC being broadcasted on both ESPN and Fox Sports 1 seems to be coming together.  ESPN announced today that their new app/service; called ESPN+ will feature 15 “UFC Fight Night” events.  Many believed that if the UFC signed with ESPN, that Fox would be the sure fire favorite to go after the WWE and their t.v. rights.  However with this not being the same all inclusive deal that Fox Sports has/had, it seems very likely that the networks will split coverage of the company.  The shows will being airing in January of 2019.

WWE to Carry YouTube Red Series –  The WWE is set to premiere a new YouTube Red series called “Dallas and Robo”.  They’ll broadcast all eight episodes of the animated series.  It’s set to debut on May 30th.  The series is featuring WWE star John Cena and Kat Dennings.  Animation Magazine describes the show as;

The series follows sassy space trucker Dallas (Dennings) and cowboy-hat-wearing-AI robot Robo (Cena) as they try and make a few dollars in the seedy world of interplanetary big-rigging, while navigating their way through cannibal bikers, rival space truckers and vending machine burritos.

Quick Hits – PWInsider claims Jason Jordan was backstage last night at RAW for the first time since undergoing neck surgery and is supposed to return to the road imminently.  DDP believes Drew McIntyre is going to be one of the next top guys in the WWE.  WWE plugged IMPACT Wrestling’s Global Wrestling Network app last night during the AJ Styles/Kurt Angle/Shane McMahon Table for 3 episode.  Despite looking for a new t.v. deal, the WWE will be at NBC’s Upfronts, which is the yearly schilling of networks to advertisers by featuring primary and top tier content that will be feature don their channel over the next year.  According to Dave Meltzer, Brock Lesnar is not currently scheduled for Money in the Bank event.