DC Universe Retooling Launch Title, DC Comics Changing Major Practice and More! – ComicCorp News

DC Universe Already Retooling a Series? – We mentioned yesterday that DC’s streaming service DC Universe will introduce ‘Titans’, ‘Young Justice: Season 3’, ‘Harley Quinn the Animated Series’ and a live action ‘Swamp Thing’ series.  A series not mentioned or hinted at was ‘Metropolis’.  Well, according to some there is a big reason for that.  The new report has DC Universe scrapping the idea down to it’s bolts and rebuilding it.  The original idea had Lois Lane and Lex Luthor operating as main characters, investigating ‘fringe sciences’.    But thankfully, DC Universe was as tepid on the series as most of us.

DC Ending Digital Codes with Print Comics? – DC Comics is ending their practice where if you buy a physical copy of the magazine, that you’d get a free digital version of the same book.  The series that often included this perk where the $3.99 monthly-books, and not the $2.99 bi-weekly books.

DC is not outright ending the practice, but readjusting how they tackle the digital market.  According to ComicBook.com high profile #1’s, major events, annual issues, and any and all other books deemed ‘special’ by the company will more than likely carry the free digital code.  While some standard issues may still do so, it will be far less regular.


Quick Hits – Ryan Reynolds admits that Fox made him take out of a Disney joke from the ‘Deadpool 2’ film.  Jimmy Kimmel is going to voice Batman in the ‘Teen Titans Go!’ film.  Chris Pratt confirms Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is set to begin filming next year.   Manga ‘Norgami’ will end it’s hiatus in a few months, as it’s creator Adachitoka has apparently recovered from an undisclosed illness he was dealing with.