Star Trek Finds It’s Director, Cage Suing Journalists and More! – ComicCorp News

Star Trek Finds  New Director – This broke late last night, but Star Trek has found their director for the 4th installment of the current franchise.  The pick this time is S.J. Clarkson, who most recently worked on ‘Jessica Jones’.  This ends any speculation that Quentin Tarantino himself was directing the next installment.  Thank god.   The fourth film will see some time travel stuff and see Chris Pine return to his role as Jim Kirk, the father of James T. Kirk, played by Chris Evans.



Quantic Dream Suing Journalists – The CEO of Quantic Dreams is suing journalists, according to Kotaku.  David Cage, said CEO, is apparently livid over a report that two French-based news outlets published; which cited a work environment built around racist, homophobic and sexist behavior.  Cage is quoted as saying;

We’re suing these journalists.


I’m not versed at all in French libel, but from what I’ve gathered it’s pretty easy compared to the U.S. to prove libel or defamation by means of a report.  Essentially you have to prove here that what someone is saying about you is untrue and damaging to your reputation.  While, if I heard this right, there you have to prove what you wrote is true.  So the burden of proof changes from party to party.  I may be wrong on how it works over there, but I think that’s the gist.

Quick Hits – Not sure if I reported on this before or not, but Star Trek DS9 is getting a documentary called “What We Left Behind”.   The documentary is currently delayed due to the unexpected dearth of content go go through but the makers are promising bonus footage when it’s all said and done. A video showing off Tim Burton’s suit for his cancelled Superman movie from the 90’s has surfaced.  It’s still horrifying this was a thing.