Top Ten Possible Changes for Redemption’s Main Event

(*I wrote this column Saturday at 11 p.m. or so at night.  At around 2-3 a.m. on HOH’s live stream, it was announced that Pentagon and Fenix will take on Aries in a re-match from their joint show.  This time though for the IMPACT World Title.  So here’s the ideas I had before this was announced*)


With Alberto El Patron gone from the company, IMPACT now needs to get things in order for Redemption.  That means replacing him with someone people want to tune in to see.  IMPACT has two name not currently booked for the card that could easily be inserted into the event, but what are some other options?  Let’s go through them.




10) Changing a Match – You Only Need 4 For A Hardcore Tag
– Now, it wouln’t be all three but two.  The idea would be to do a triple threat with the Six Man Hardcore match.  Dreamer is slated to partner with Moose and Edwards, and you can remove one guy from each team, keep the tag match and not lose anything.  Ideally you’d go Eddie vs. Sami vs. Aries due to the built in blood feud with Edwards and Callihan.  This option is the least ideal, due to the fact the six man is being built up as the second biggest match on the card.




9) Returning a Call – A Recently Departed Talent
– The company has lost a few guys over the course of the last year, most have signed with the WWE but there are a few who haven’t.  One of the most noteworthy is The Pope.  Pope would bring in a fresh match up.   Another name is James Storm, but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him within the next few days on WWE t.v.  If I’m wrong, then yeah, he works too.  The issue though is that these guys weren’t that big of a needle mover before, so bringing them in now would only serve to delay the development of future main eventers.  However, this would be a stop gap measure done specifically for the ‘surprise’ factor.





8) Adding to a Match – Do the Lucha Shuffle
– On Friday we found out that Fenix and Pentagon would be debuting in IMPACT as part of the Luhca Underground/AAA/IMPACT working relationship.  It might be for the Lucha Underground championship but we’re not certain.  While it would be a rematch, the idea of seeing Fenix and Pentagon, (both former L-U champion) taking on Aries for the IMPACT World Championship is highly desirable.  The three put on a great match on Friday and with some hype, and a little creativity, they could get the main event over huge.




7) Pulling Double Duty – Big Bad and Booty
– Austin Aries vs. Scott Steiner.  Yup.  I said it.  Steiner vs. Aries for the World Title.  Would it be great?  No.  Would fans eat it up?  Yes.  Scott Steiner could spend 12 minutes just assaulting Aries for Aries to hit a Brainbuster into a Last Chancery.  The match would mostly serve a point of emphasis for something else, but more on that later.  Steiner is a character still, even in his 50’s, and would be at least a professional, (ironically enough) compared to El Patron.




6) Give Me A Break – Let’s See What Someone Can Do
– With guys like DJZ returning, Braxton Sutter working on his heel game, and even Kongo Kong getting more time, it would make sense to try and elevate someone from within the group of younger or lesser known names from the roster itself to see what one can do.  Not ideal, but the point of this match is similar to the point of the previous entry.  Both these matches end the night the same way.  But again, more on that later.  The hope with someone like a DJZ, Trevor Lee or someone similar would be to put on a match of the night type match.  We’re talking 30 minutes, high energy, X-Division type match.  Bring on the next generation of great X-Division guys in the main event.




5) Calling Your Own Legend – Monster’s Ball?
– Bring in James Mitchell, have him walk out and declare it’s DOOMSDAY for Aries, and bring in Abyss to wrestle a hardcore match with him.  It’s again, not the best option but like the previous two matches, the night doesn’t end with this match.  The beauty of this match up comes directly in hand with what Aries wants, to prove men like him can beat heavyweights.  So you give him a cool gimmick match, a massive opponent to topple and let ’em at it.  The fact they’re two of the most tenured members of the IMPACT roster (having both worked with the company off and on since the mid-00’s)  develops a nice salute to a new era by closing out an old one.  This would be better served for a later event, one where you could develop and build up the end of the Abyss character against a guy like Aries. Yet, we don’t have the luxury at the moment.




4) A Canadian Challenge – Where’s the Hart?
– Austin Aries would have a great match with just about anyone, including Tedd Hart.  Hart has shown he can still go athletically but can he tell a story?  Let’s find out.  Hart vs. Aries would bring back the notoriety of the Hart Dynasty.  Natalia is a cat-furry on SmackDown and Davey Boy is wrestling in a tag team instead of in the main events, but if Hart were to put on a Match of the Year Candidate with Aries, then that whole linage is thrust back into the wrestling zeitgeist.  And yes….”…this isn’t how the night ends”.  Blah blah blah.  I know Teddy has a murky past, but one he’s been cleared of.  To a degree.  He’s not the most likeable guy and he has a reputation within wrestling but if given the chance to stand out and take control of his career but he burns his final bridge, maybe, just maybe Hart can prove he belongs in a major fed.




3) From Manager to Monster – The Princess Gets What He Wants
– While he hasn’t really wrestled yet for the company, someone like Jimmy Jacobs can bring a fresh and interesting match up for Austin Aries.  Jacobs has been wrestling steadily around the indies, and with Kongo Kong as his second, that dynamic immediately gives this match something fresh and interesting.  While Jacobs has done “nothing” to qualify for the title, the point about wrestling is that anything is possible.  Jacobs is working backstage, so the odds the match ends in his favor is low, but it’d still be one hell of a fun ride.




2) Champion vs. Champion – The Rising Sun Sends One of Their Best
– BCW and IMPACT’s Scott D’Amore has done many great things for many great people, and calling in a favor wouldn’t be the most outlandish idea.  Calling up former trainee Joe Doering, the current AJPW Triple Crown Champion and having him come in to face off with Austin Aries for Aries belt would be interesting.  Again, the night wouldn’t end here, so a double DQ or Count Out could surely happen, especially if both belts were on the line.




1) The Unbooked Headliners – We Have Stars, Yes We Do/ We Have Stars, Here Are Two.
– This column was missing a rhyme.   The most obvious pick is Johnny Mundo. He’s not booked, he has nothing going on that night and he can eat a loss without any issue.  However, we’ve seen it.  It’s done.  Move on.  That’s where Brian Cage comes in.  However, unless you want Cage to win and take the belt off of Aries, this match wouldn’t be the most conducive, especially since Cage is undefeated at the moment.  Truthfully, unless IMPACT takes the belt off of Aries for someone new and unexpected ,then the end of the show goes only one way;



0) The Truest Ending – Let’s Get Our Feast On
– Listen up Dummies, let me talk to you!  Eli Drake is the only way to save this show.  Have Aries face off with anyone.  I’ve laid out literally ten options you can build a main event around, and with any main event you go with, this is your home-run option.  Whether it’s Johnny Impact, Scott Steiner, Hart, Doering or whoever, the end of the night comes with newly minted IMPACT World Tag Team Champion Eli Drake hitting a Gravy Train on Aries to start his own collection of belts, as the new World Champion.