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Alberto Gone From IMPACT  – IMPACT Wrestling put on a fucking amazing show Friday with Lucha Underground, and Alberto El Patron was going to be a major player in the event from Friday.  However, El Patron was no where backstage.  Why?  Good question.  El Patron was there earlier in the evening for the Austin Aries/El Patron ‘press conference’ and that apparently went well.  The word going around is that apparently he got sick, PWInsider is confirming the same story but we may have the same source on that story, so who knows.  Since the story broke, we now know that Alberto El Patron has been let go from the company.  It was such a rough weekend for him that at one point IMPACT head honcho Ed Nordholm thought about calling a wellness check on Patron.  Things were resolved in that regard, and IMPACT opted to let him go.  IMPACT posted this messaged on their website, saying;

IMPACT Wrestling announced today that it has terminated its agreement with Alberto El Patron, effective immediately.

The new main event for the show has been announced as Austin Aries taking on Pentagon Dark and Fenix for the IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship.

OWV Has a New OwnerBrian Cannon has posted a blog post about Ohio Valley Wrestling having a new owner, and it’s none other than Al Snow.  Snow will take over the developmental territory with the mindset to make and develop new talent.  It’ll be interesting to see what Snow can do with the promotion going forward.


Undertaker WrestleMania Update – After asking around here’s what I’ve been told is the case for the whole ‘Taker/Cena’ match.  The Undertaker was working with a replaced hip.  In doing so I’m told physicians would not clear him for a full match (and after watching him work, why would they?).  For the Undertaker to go out without a full clearance from a doctor would void the WWE’s insurance on the event.  A big nut to swallow.  What I’m told happened, and take this with a grain of salt for now, is that somewhere along the way a deal was made for the match.  It was to be kept incredibly short, and ‘Taker could not really bump at all.  That way the insurance company could provide coverage that they deemed wasn’t too risky.  Anything more than what ‘Taker did would of resulted in the company voiding it’s insurance protection due to the liability.

Because of the limitations set forth, I’m told that the WWE started to build to the match knowing it’d be a disappointment, but feeling it was necessary to give ‘Taker something.  That’s where the lack of an announcement apparently came in.  By not announcing the match, fans would not expect anything involving The Undertaker.  So, the theory goes, by having him win a match that was under three minutes, fans would take it as a “…better than nothing” situation.  Which many on Twitter did feel.

Cena’s lack of offense had less to do with future storylines and more to do with the WWE not wanting ‘Taker to bump.  This is extremely similar to the Bret Hart/Vince McMahon match from a few years back.  Hart wasn’t medically cleared to work either, though if he didn’t bump (which he never did), there wouldn’t be an issue.

FUN FACT: We joke each and every year that Undertaker’s entrance is longer than his match but did you know that this year that’s actually true?  Undertaker wrestled for about 2:47.  His entrance from the first dimming of the lights (when his gear was in the ring), to win he settled into the corner was nearly SEVEN minutes.  If you count only his waltz to the ring, That’s still five five minutes and fifty-six seconds.  Yup, anyway you slice it, his entrance was at least twice as long as his match.

Davey Boy Jr/Jake Roberts Incident – Jake Roberts was reportedly signing autographs at a table at WrestleCon over the weekend when Davey Boy Jr. came over to his autograph table and throw what some said to be coffee on Roberts.  Security rushed over but Davey Boy Jr was already gone before they arrived.  No word has yet to be revealed as to why this happened.

In an update to the original story, Davey Boy Jr. has claimed that he wanted to have words with Roberts over some things that were said about Davey’s father, Davey Boy Smith Sr.  When Davey Jr. went to confront him, Roberts blew him off.  Davey Jr. then suggested going outside to fight, which Roberts again declined.  That’s when the coffee went flying.  Davey was then challenged to a fight by Robert’s daughter (believed to be Brandy Grace but unconfirmed).  That’s when Harry claims he left, and that it was Jake and his daughter who started a scene.

Davey Jr. then claims to WrestleZone that this also stemmed from an issue he had with Roberts dating back six years to when The Snake offered Davey Jr. drugs at WrestleCon.

Opinion: Opinions aren’t for everyone and by the sounds of this, it sounds like Davey Jr. needs to grow up.  Yeah, Roberts bad mouthed his dad, but this was totally and solely on Davey Jr. for escalating the situation.   I’m a fan of his, but he’s 32.  He should know better than to act like a child.


Quick Hits – Jeff Jarrett will join Elias and Road Dogg Jessie James on a future WWE Table for 3 that’s already been filmed.  Adam Cole won the first ever NXT North American Championship, and will face Akira Tozawa in his first challenge.  Tozawa won an AXXESS tournament to earn the right.  The new WWE RAW Tag Team Champion, Nicholas, is actually WWE referee John Cone’s son.  He refereed the RAW Tag match last night.  Alicia Fox got into an argument with Ronda Rousey’s husband Travis Browne hours before WrestleMania.  No word on why, yet.