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New Fantastic Four Book Coming? – Could you imagine not having a Batman book?  Or not seeing Wonder Woman in your comic stores? That’s what Marvel has been denying fans after removing the Fantastic Four from circulation and ‘shaking’ things up by putting The Human Torch with the Inhumans and The Thing with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Now though, that’s over and the Four are back. With the rights of the film franchise on it’s way back to Marvel (Disney), it’s not that surprising that we’re getting a new book now.

What Was the Final Straw for ‘Deadpools’ Cancellation? –   According to Stephen Glover himself, the brothers (he and Donald), wrote an episode involving the Merc with a Mouth and apparently Taylor Swift.  Stephen Glover tweeted out that;

There definitely was a Taylor Swift episode. It was HILARIOUS. And it was definitely the last straw lol.

Stephen Glover also claimed that the show “…wasn’t too black.”  And that they would of apparently given ‘Rick and Morty’ a run for their money.  The show was cancelled over creative differences and with the acquisition from Disney right around the corner, the folks at FXX probably didn’t want to ruffle too many feathers.

Update: Glover has deleted all Deadpool series tweets, possibly due to his hit show ‘Atlanta’ being on FX and FX wanting him to play nice.



Quick Hits – Sharknado 6 appears to be the end of the franchise according to TVLine.  Caity Lotz is set to return to ‘Arrow’ for the season six finale.  The Tracking Board claims that New Mutant’s Warlock has been cut from the film due to budgetary reasons.