Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal Happening Despite Her Crimes, Braun’s WrestleMania Match and More! – WrestleCorp News

Fabulous Moolah Getting Battle Royal – The Fabulous Moolah, aka Lillian Ellison, will be getting a Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania 34. To further compound this issue though, is the fact she’s as horrible as you can imagine. She reportedly never trained a single person, instead having the women in her school who were still training themselves, handle that duty. And for no extra pay. She would take twenty five percent from all of her trainees bookings, while forcing them to live in her duplexes and paying full price.

Yet the worst of it is how she would hand young women, who didn’t know any better, over to promoters for sexual favors. Sweet Georgia Brown recounts that she was often raped, given drugs, and ended up becoming an addict because Moolah wanted to control her. Moolah is even accused of assaulting women in her own right. While the word rape never comes up, it’s hard to imagine she didn’t force some of these girls. Luna Vachon’s family, herself included, witnessed several incidents that paint Moolah has a ghastly person. Openly gay pupil Sandy Parker even stated that Moolah tried to force her into dating men and avoiding being out, despite Moolah being queer in her own right.

To really showcase just how pathetic of a person she is, Moolah tanked the entire women’s tag team division by calling a Japanese promoter who was handling the WWF’s tour at the time, and lied about results the company wanted. Because of this, Lelani Kai and Judy Martin won belts they weren’t supposed to yet, ruining plans the company had for WrestleMania IV. After Moolah lied, the WWF cancelled the match and ended the women’s tag team division. This was apparently in retaliation for both women cutting Moolah out of their pay. Apparently Kai and Martin were victims of Moolah skimming half of their pay, an when they found out and stopped it, she became vindictive.

Now in the midst of the WWE’s Women Revolution, the WWE has failed women by promoting and idolizing a serial abuser. I hope your children are ashamed of you, Stephanie.

Braun News – Braun Strowman won a battle royal single handily on RAW, putting him in a tag team title match at WrestleMania against The Bar. While right now he’s not expected to have a partner at the moment, some have told me that they believe that Elias is likely to be named his partner.

Quick Hits – John Cena called out The Undertaker last night on RAW, despite ‘Taker having a fake hip. Some sites were reporting Taya and Rosemary as being booked for the LU/IMPACT versus’ event at WrestleCon, that match has not been announced. Roster shakeups are expected after WrestleMaina. Ultimate Deletion debuting next Monday on RAW.