Update on ‘The Flash’s’ Mystery Girl, Nicolas Cage Cast as Superman and More! – ComicCorp News

Flash’s Mystery Girl – The Flash has had a successful mystery this season about the Mystery Girl.  Many believe her to be the daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West, yet the producers of the show seem to hint that it might not exactly be as simple as you think. Todd Helbing told TV Line that the fans are sometimes close, but have missed the mark this time, saying;

I don’t think anybody ever is going to guess exactly what it is.

New Plastic Man Mini Series – Plastic Man is back, baby! The titular hero, and reformed thief, will star in a new post-Metal series by Gail Simone, with illustrations by Adriana Melo.

Simone, one of DC’s most well known writers, seems to be very excited to take over the character, saying in a statement;

He’s the jester, the joke, the stretchy weirdo. He’s not credible. He’s not reliable. He’s…well, he’s Plastic Man. …He’s like a stretchy Swamp Thing or the bouncy Batman; writing him is a goofy, snarky honor and I’m thrilled to be part of his rubber ribaldry.

One of my favorite takes on Pas was from the classic Grant Morrison/Howard Porter run. We are definitely taking inspiration from that, and just pushing it even further for rudeness’ sake. Plas is funny, happy, and has enough star power to hold his own against the big guns. He’s not afraid of Batman, he’s not afraid of Darkseid, he’s only afraid of messing up, of going back to being the punk thug he used to be.

Dragon Ball News – Toei Animatino confirms that Dragon Ball Super will continue in film form, but creator Kazenshuu stated that the show will end ‘for the time being’. A twitter user, seen below, released an all star cast of creators for the upcoming Dragon Ball film. Some fans aren’t happy with the idea that the standard aesthetic may change, but the thing that many are quick to point out is the change in the product over the years as the product has evolved.

Quick Hits – Marvel Comics is teasing possible new suits for Tony Stark’s return to the comic. The Nintendo Switch is getting a new title ‘Haslenut Bastille’, gameplay demo is below.

After almost playing him in the mid-90’s, Nicolas Cage has been cast to play Superman in the upcoming ‘Teen Titans Go!’ film.