WWE Mad About Most Obvious Thing, Two New Major Wrestling Streaming Services and More! – Weekend Roundup

ROH Announces Streaming Service – ROH has announced today their new streaming service, Honor Club. Fans will be able to stream ppv’s and live events via this service. However, if fans do the $9.99 rate, they’ll only get these ppv’s for half off. There’s a yearly option of $99.99 a month, if you want to go the standard route. However there is a VIP Membership as well, and it’s an annual rate of $119.99 a year. For that they’ll get the ppv’s for free. Also with any form of the membership, you’re able to get 15% off of merchandise and first crack at pre-sale tickets.

AJPW Announces Streaming Service – Fans who are down on the WWE need to stop bitching, as there is no good reason anymore to not get into pro wrestling. Joining ROH, NJPW, Chikara, WWE, IMPACT Wrestling and several others, All Japan Pro Wrestling has announced their own streaming service today. It’s being called All Japan Pro Wrestling TV, and will launch March 3rd, 2018. The price will be about $8.17 U.S., and about ¥900. DDT, Big Japan and STARDOM all have streaming services as well. Meaning only Pro Wrestling NOAH doesn’t have anything specific in that market, yet.

WWE Didn’t Foresee MMC Being Awful – The WWE is still somehow around today. The company is navigated by a man that has failed in this job more than anyone and it’s not even close. When the idea of a single inter-gender match airing on Facebook after SmackDown, in a fake tournament, for a fake prize money, to go to a real charity, we all knew it was a shit idea. Everyone knew it was a terrible idea. This was doomed to fail. Yet Vince McMahon and company were so egotistic that they didn’t think it could go wrong, but it has and now people are pissed. WWE officials are beyond pissed at the Mixed Match Challenge tag matches on Facebook according to Dave Meltzer and my sources. I was told that the brass was so angry that someone could be heard screaming at how gaffed this project has been. The show debuted at 132,600 viewers a disastrously low figure when you realize that the WWE has quite close to a hundred million likes on all various accounts, all various wrestlers, on all various social media platforms. If having millions of people watching your product every week, and then pulling in a tenth wasn’t bad enough, week 3 saw just 62,400. Considering that the deal was put into place to determine LIVE responses to the product, this is being seen as a failure.

Quick Hits – Evangeline Lilly claims Wasp is in “Avengers 4”. Josh Barnett believes that if Ronda Rousey is passionate about pro wrestling, she could be a ‘great wrestler’. AMC has announced that ‘Comic Book Men’ will return on February 25th. There are rumors that Lauren Cohan might leave the Walking Dead after this season if she isn’t paid as much as Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. The constant cleanup of the ‘Last Jedi’ debacle now includes actor Domhnall Gleeson, who famously got thrown around the movie like a bitch. He’s now taken up defending the humor in the movie.

This is just getting sad. It’s not a ‘vocal’ minority who hated the movie, it’s the majority. Own it. Do better. Not that hard.