One Night Only: Collision in Oklahoma – Review

This is two shows actually. The first being IWR’s When Worlds Collide II and BCW’s Excellence 2017.

Show opens with a shot of the city of Shawnee, Oklahoma thanks to a droan shot. I can only assume that it’s Vanguard 1, JB’s personal drone.

Trevor Lee cuts a great promo, putting himself over as a new sex symbol and that he’s here to win the ladies hearts. Though, they need all their teeth to go home with him. A great promo where just insults everyone.

DJZ then cuts a promo, putting himself over. Not an entirely great promo but still happy to see DJZ there, as he had a rough 2017.

Malice vs DJ Zema Ion vs El Fuego del Sol vs X Division Champion Trevor Lee
– Malice is some kind of weird combo of “all the gimmicks of yesteryear”. They highlight Koko B. Ware’s pants, but he looks like the Clown from that one awful Rob Zombie movie (Which awful one you ask? And that’s the joke). Feugo has some generic flame-lucha mask on but he’s nothing special right now. Apparently he’s a student to Super Calo. Fine opener, nothing too exciting or worth mentioning except for the fact that Malice really did pop. No surprise that he got the win on Feugo with this falling GTS/reverse suplex combo on Feugo.
Winner: Malice

We’re then back up to Border Championship Wrestling. Yes, the show called “One Night Only: Oklahoma” by IMPACT is ‘simulcasting’ this event.

IMPACT World Tag Title Match
oVe (Dave Crist & Jake Crist) (c) vs. Brent Banks & Phil Atlas

– Yes, oVe come out still the tag team champs. This is because this portion of the show was shot before Bound for Glory and it’s subsequent tapings. A fine back and forth, Josh Mathews really puts over Brent Banks as a future X-Division star if he keeps it up. I wouldn’t wait to long, as he is apparently in his early-mid 30’s. The team of Banks and Atlas look good, and really did showcase what they can do, but this was oVe’s night. oVe gets the victory when Jake Crist hoits up Banks (I think) and Dave comes off with a stomp of sorts for a unique double Tombstone Piledriver.
Winner: and Still Champions apparently, Jake and Dave Crist – oVe.

We’re then backstage with Gail Kim. She’s putting over her run and that she’s up against Rebel. Not that memorable but it’s Gail, so it’ll make you happy.

Rebel vs. Gail Kim
– A strong showing by Rebel. She’s been involved in some stinkers in her short career but this time she looked really solid. Helps being with Gail, sure. She showcased good ring awareness, and even was able to carry Gail Kim when Kim locked in a submission hold on a standing Rebel. Watching Rebel carry Kim while Kim had that armbar on her, and all that weight was on Rebel was impressive. The finish comes when Rebel leaps off the top rope into a seated splash of sorts, knocking Kim to the mat in a pinning attempt. Kim reversed the pinning attempt into the three count.
Winner: Gail Kim

Post match we get a Rebel promo. She claims she really won the night because she just wanted to wrestle Gail Kim once, and got to do it while on her retirement tour, in Rebel’s own home town. She comes off genuine and puts over Kim’s great career.

We then get Gail Kim cutting another promo. She puts over Rebel’s development, saying that she knew Rebel was improving but was surprised how far and fast she came in such a short time.

IWR Tag Team Title Match
Ky-ote and Kid Kash vs. The Von Erich’s (Marshall and Ross Von Erich)
– Ky-ote are billed as the Arrow Club, but Kash isn’t part of that club; it’s Ky-ote and Kyle Hawk. Ky-ote and Hawk have a great look, and are joined by Desi De Rita. Kash though is filling in for some reason. The tag champs are the Von Erichs and they continue to get better every time I see them, though it was Ky-ote that stole the show for me. Kash looked good, considering he’s 48, though the Von Erich’s are far more athletic than Kash at this point in their careers. Kash took time off from wrestling to focus on MMA, essentially retiring. He lasted less than 30 seconds. This time however, he lasted long but still lost. Match was solid and though it was never brought up, was a continuation of a long running feud in Imperial Wrestling Revolution between the Von Erich’s and The Arrow Club. Ky-ote tagged with Kyle Hawk, Kid Kash and Chavo Guerrero in various title matches. This match continued the feud, as it was Marshall Von Erich hitting a Tornado Claw Slam onto Kash for the win. It was impressive.
Winner: and still IWR Tag Team Champions, Marshall and Ross – The Von Erich’s.

We’re back up North now for the BCW portion.

Allie vs. KC Spinelli
– Solid outing. Not to dissimilar from their IMPACT tag match from last year. KC looked crisp and really brought out the best from Allie. A good fake finish occurred, before Allie hit her Allie Valley Driver on KC for the win. Solid match.
Winer: Allie

Sienna then comes down and cuts a promo on Allie, which prompts Rosemary to come down. An open challenge is set and we have a tag team match.

Allie and Rosemary vs. KC Spinelli and Sienna
A typical tag match, something this show has had in spades. This is the fourth tag match on the show and it shows. During the course of the match, I started wanting to see Allie and Rosemary win the Knockout Tag Team titles, but first we need to get them back. Heels do heelish things, and eventually KC hooks Allie from behind, setting up a side kick from Sienna. The kick misses, allowing Allie to hit a Lungblower on Sienna, and Rosemary comes in and hits a German Suplex; setting up Allie to get the win.
Winners: Allie and Rosemary

*IMPACT Roster gives their New Years Resolutions for 2018
Gail Kim is looking to see where the Knockouts Division heads next. Sami Callihan claims he’ll be world champ by the end of the year and that oVe will take over. Matt Sydal says he’s more limber and won’t tap out due to his extensive training and that’ll lead him to some gold in 2018. Eli Drake says he’ll hold more gold in 2018. El Patron says he’ll have more Match of the Nights. Johnny IMPACT says to expect him to be better than ever in 2018. Lashley says he’ll hold another title in 2018.

We’re back to Oklahoma.

*Young Guns promo. It’s…something. They’re pretty generic. Definitely a body tag team that tries to be X-Division like.

*We then get an LAX promo. They channel Los Boricuas and put themselves over.

The Young Guns vs. LAX
– The Young Guns look pretty green here. Generic jeans, and wrestling shoes, nothing about them stand out. Not even their offense. This becomes a standard highlight match for LAX, who eventually hit their finisher the Street Sweeper on Chander Hopkins.
Winner: Santana and Ortiz, the LAX.

We then get a post match promo from LAX, putting them over as Los Boricuas once again.

Back to BCW.

Hakim Zane & Mark Wheeler vs. John E. Bravo & Jon Bolen
– Despite it being the fifth tag team match of the night, this one actually was a bit more fun. Zane and Wheeler are high flyers, while Bolen is a brute monster. John E. Bravo is a typical dastardly cheating heel. He’s not that exciting or impressive in the ring, but I have to wonder if he’s a good character wrestler. They put over that Bravo is an IMPACT referee, probably from their Ottawa tapings. They also put over Zane winning Global Forged. Bolen gets taken out by Zane, which allows Wheeler to hit a diving elbow on Bravo, who’s sitting up. Zane then follows it up with a double stomp for the win.
Winners: Hakim Zane and Mark Wheeler

Jon Bolen then beats up the faces before leaving.

*Montego Seeka promo. Typical “I’ll win” promo.

*Eli Drake promo. Outside of his personal locker room. Eli puts over why he gets his own room, citing that he just wins and wins. He gives opportunities. Call back to the Wild Samoan Sika. Finishes the promo by showing Seeka what charisma is. Great promo.

Eli Drake vs. Montego Seeka
– Eli Drake comes out, says he’s on his favorite dating app and there aren’t many women in the area he’d even consider giving ‘a shot’ to. He then opens it up for an open challenge. Seeka comes out. Brief shot of Justin Roberts who’s ‘hosting’ and handling ring announcing duties for the show. Though they edited him out. They put over Adonis’ effects on Eli and how Eli is on his own in this match. Nothing too impressive, a leaping vertical suplex leads into the Gravy Train for the win.
Winner: Eli Drake

Eli is back for a post match promo, where he claims Montego was in the bathroom prior to the match, afraid to face Eli. He then points out that Montego tried to run, but the door was locked, forcing Montego to face Eli. Great use of the environment.

We’re back with Lashley. Short promo, talks about beating up Alberto El Patron.

Alberto El Patron vs. Bobby Lashley.
– A few fake finish attempts occur mid way through the match. Lashley and Patron then go after the bell and try to use it one another, but Lashley eventually gets caught with it. El Patron then follows that up by hitting Lashley with double stomp in the corner of the ring. Patron hooks the leg and gets the win. The match was anything but main event worthy.
Winner: Alberto El Patron

Alberto El Patorn then cuts a promo, putting over Oklahoma, ‘real wrestling’, himself and then eventually Lashley. The closing promo is nearly as long as the match.

The Five Best Things
1) Watching Rebel’s showing. She may never be the best worker, but her dedication and passion is not being overlooked by me.
2) Malice is interesting. Great look, moves well. Could be a future star in IMPACT. Though that little Gimp character he has may have to go. That dude was omitted from the review for a reason.
3) Same goes with Ky-ote. Here’s hoping he and his regular partner return to the ring together in the not so distant future; but this time for IMPACT Wrestling. They have a stellar look, and if they’re actual Tribal Amerian’s, then that gimmick is gold.
4) Anytime we get to see Rosemary and Allie interact, it’s worth your time.
5) The BCW tag match with Zane and Bolen might be my personal match of the night, even if it wasn’t a classic.

The Five Worst Things
1) Alberto El Patron in the main event. Where’s his value?
2) No EC3. Ethan Carter III was booked for a Grand Championship match against the former Jack Swagger for this event but was forced to pull out.
3) Montego Seeka. Cool name, not much else. For now, that is. A lot to work on.
4) Dollar store lucha masks. El Fuego del Sol has a great name but a terrible mask. Up your game, son.
5) Outdated matches. Seeing oVe as champs, and not seeing Eli Drake with the title was off putting and weird. Especially since Eli Drake was the champ at the time. Maybe he was getting that awful IMPACT decal drilled into the bel that weekend, but who knows.