Update on Brock Lesnar/Styles, Swagger Reveals Pay Problems in WWE and More! – WrestleCorp News

Styles/Lesnar – The Champ vs. Champ match last night is being deemed a success in every way possible. Brock Lesnar even sold his knee so well that he continued it into the backstage area, causing some to wonder if he’s really hurt or not. This was said to be a sign of respect from Lesnar to Styles. Styles is defending his WWE Title against Jinder Mahal on Thursday.

Opinion: I completely expect Mahal to win the belt back on Tuesday. With Mahal going to India to face off with Triple H, it woudln’t surprise me at all to see the belt on the line.

WWE Pay Issues – Fans mistakenly thing the WWE is a land of golden riches. That’s not the case. Sure, they make enough on their base salary to not go hungry but the rest of their contracts are dependent on things they can’t control, like house show attendance and merchandise sales. Jack Swagger revealed the issues with this, saying;

It is very difficult to plan financially with the WWE because every week the salary was different. Every month the salary was different. It’s based on the house shows and the attendance, and any extra stuff that goes in there. It makes it difficult to be consistent with your budget because it fluctuates. It is a couple of thousand each month, but sometimes and a lot of times it is lower and that makes it tough. Once you make it up to a certain income level and you acquire and buy certain things and have a certain way of life, it is really tough on your family to go back below that income level because you have certain things set as far as private schools and things like that.

WWE Show Cancelled? – ‘Bring it to the Table’ has been cancelled by the WWE Network and there are no more plans to do any more episodes. The show’s set has been broken down and sent to storage, and no reason was given as to the show’s shuttling. JBL and Corey Graves often anchored the show with semi-WWE talent Peter Rosenberg.

Quick Hits – Kevin Owens revealed that Vince McMahon didn’t like his match with Chris Jericho at WrestleMania. SmackDown stars are backstage at RAW. Sasha Banks wants to go to SmackDown. Drew McIntyre has a torn bicep.