How is ‘Justice League’ Tracking? Update on ‘Metal Gear’ Movie and More! – ComicCorp News

“Justice League” Tracking – For those of you worried about some of the negative reactions to “Justice League”, fear not. The film is currently tracking to do very well. The movie has even sold more pre-sale tickets than “Wonder Woman”. Fandango has released some interesting things;

89% are fans of DC Entertainment.
84% saw “Wonder Woman” on the big screen.
80% are excited by the lighter tone of “Justice League”
66% are fans of Jason Momoa from “Game of Thrones”
Fans picked Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Aquaman (Momoa) as the characters they most wanted to see in “Justice League.”

I know for me, I’m FLOORED that DC fans wanted to see Justice League. Gobsmacked.

Metal Gear News – The long awaited “Metal Gear” live action film is nearing closer and closer to being created. Unfortunately they’re going with the writer of the dreadful “Jurassic World”, Derek Connolly to work on the film. The film when it was first pitched had Kiefer Sutherland in mind to play the lead but that seems unlikely now. No mention of series star, and film writer, David Hayter being involved in anyway shape or form.

Rotten Tomatoes Causes Controversy – The aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes is planning on launching a live stream of their score for “Justice League” on Thursday at 12:01 a.m. The website, which has been under fire for it’s handling of movie reviews, are looking to maximize that stigma by doing a live stream of the rating for “Justice League”. I could rant heavily on how Rotten Tomatoes places no value on individual reviews, but I’ll save that for another day. The practice of maximizing fan anger and vitriol seems like a scummy thing to do. Just saying.

Quick Hits – Ray Fisher would like see Phantom Limbs in his film. The Rock confirms “Rampage” trailer to drop on Thursday. Jason Momoa has confirmed via Zack Snyder that Aquaman saved Superman from the explosion at the oil well in “Man of Steel”. Oh look, a before and after of Shazam!

We also get an honest trailer of “Batman Forever”.