Former WWE Champ to Bellator, Major Star Returning? and More! – WrestleCorp News

Bellator Signs Ex-WWE Champ – No, it’s not CM Punk and too be fair, it’s not the WWE Champion, it’s the World Heavyweight Championship. But it’s the same thing now that we have the Universal Championship. Jake Hager, known as Jack Swagger, has signed with Bellator to fight in the Heavyweight Division. That means he’ll to deal with IMPACT Wrestling star Bobby Lashley.

Here’s the real kick in the dick, according to the Bellator Wiki page, the Heavyweight Title is vacant and has been since May 14th, 2016. Lashley has not even been given a shot at the damn belt. I’m not sure what they’re waiting on but Hager vs. Lashley is as good of a draw as any to crown a new champion.

For those wondering, Hager will transition a lot better to MMA than CM Punk did, due to Hager’s impressive amateur wrestling background. While Punk had some training in martial arts, he never had near the training needed to truly compete in that first fight.

Update: As I was writing this story, I stumbled upon the announcement of a Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament for 2018. The names include, and oh boy, the folks at Bellator can fuck off, light-heavyweights Quintin “Rampage” Jackson, Chael Sonnen, King Mo, and Ryan Bader. Chunk Star Supreme Roy Nelson, over the hill Brock Lesnar chow, Frank Mir, and Matt Mitrione and Feder Emelianenko.


Neville to Return? – PWInsider is reporting that talks with Neville have gone so well over the course of the last few weeks, that there are many in the WWE who believe a return is imminent. There are some who apparently believe he could return as early as this week, though that seems doubtful. While it’s not unheard of for this type of thing to happen, it would be surprising to see a talent walk back in.

Opinion: I have to imagine that Neville is only returning due to the WWE being unwilling to release him, and having a few years left on a deal. One doesn’t walk out of work unless they intend to quit. So this might not be the “Neville and WWE went to therapy and worked out their issues” romance you all want it to be, but more “Neville doesn’t want to go broke” reality that it more than likely is.

Final Battle Card – The card for Final Battle is out and appears to see Bully Ray NOT retired? But taking on The Briscoe’s with Tommy Dreamer as his partner. So…that’s a thing. Assuming the whole thing isn’t some giant shoot, it’s safe to say that this might be his retirement match. We’re also getting a ROH TV championship four way, involving the champ Kenny King, Punishment Martinez, Shane Taylor, and Silas Young, as well as JAy Lethal vs. Marty Scurll and The Addiction vs. War Machine. Matt Taven vs. Will Osprey round out the show.

Quick Hits – Paige is backstage tonight on RAW and is expected to make her return. The Nick Aldis/Tim Storm match on Facebook is doing surprisingly well with over 30,000 views so far. The WWE is attempting to trademark XFL star Rod Smart’s moniker of ‘He Hate Me’. Hermie Sadler posted on Twitter that he visited Jeff Jarrett in rehab, and mentioned how good he was doing.