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Update On The Shield – According to Dave Meltzer during a recent edition of The Wrestling Observer, the main reason WWE decided to put The Shield back together was because the company was concerned that without John Cena and/or Brock Lesnar available going into the RAW TLC PPV, there was not a top draw for the event. This led to the decision to build the show around The Shield.


Samoa Joe Update – The Wrestling Observer reports that Samoa Joe is still expected to return to WWE TV by the end of October. Joe has been out since the RAW after Summerslam due to a knee injury.


Brock Lesnar Update – Dana White appeared on The Dan Le Batard Show yesterday and the topic of the much-talked-about Brock Lesnar vs. Jon Jones UFC fight came up. During the discussion, White said that Lesnar’s WWE contract expires in August of 2018, so he will not be done with WWE right after WrestleMania 34. White also noted that while UFC was able to work out a deal with WWE to let Lesnar fight at UFC 200 despite being under WWE contract, that WWE was no longer interested in doing that again after his last fight didn’t look good for anyone (likely a reference to Lesnar testing positive for steroids following his UFC 200 win over Mark Hunt). With his contract being done later than we thought, does this mean He will probably have maybe a rematch with Reigns at Summerslam 2018 to reinforce his dominance over Lesnar? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Speak Owens Speak – ESPN recently interviewed WWE Superstar Kevin Owens ahead of this weekend’s Hell in a Cell PPV. Here is what he had to say about working with Vince McMahon recently on Smackdown Live…

“There’s a lot of things in my WWE career I’m very proud of, things I accomplished that not many people get to live out in their careers. I’ve done it in a relatively short period of time, so that’s really cool. But being in the ring with Vince McMahon and the ensuing situation there was definitely at the top of the list of things I’ll look back on when I’m older and I’m not wrestling anymore. When I was 11 years old, I started watching WWE. He’s been the figurehead of this company. He’s been the man behind the thing I was obsessed with for years and years and years.”

Here is also what he had to say about being a top guy despite not being the champion anymore…

“I used to say that even on the independent scene, I remember a specific incident where one particular wrestler was really worried about being world champion. It’s the company that I used to wrestle for on the independent scene, and I remember telling him that it didn’t matter who the champion was because no matter how many times he became champion, I’d always be the top guy [there]. I feel like that’s true in WWE as well. Not that I’m the top guy, but I’m saying I don’t necessarily think the WWE champion, or the Universal champion, or any kind of champion, equates to being the top guy in WWE. I think that’s determined by performances and attitude. Consistency is very important. Obviously, being WWE Champion, or a Universal Champion, is as big as it gets as far as winning titles goes. And that goes a long way to helping somebody become top guy, be viewed as top guy, but I do think that there’s a difference between being a champion and being a top guy, for sure. I obviously value being a top guy more than being a champion, but one helps the other; they kind of come hand in hand.”


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