DC Announces the Return of Milestone and Vertigo, and More! – ComicCorp News

DC Brings Back Milestone – After over 18 months of waiting, DC has finally paid off the promise to bring back Milestone Comics as a imprint. The five initial titles are “Milestone” (featuring Icon and Rocket), “Static Shock”, “Duo”, “Love Army” and “Earth M”.

The people running and creating the brand will be Milestone co-founder Derek Dingle, Alice Randall, Kyle Baker, Ken Lashley and Greg Pak. Others will be added as the line continues to grow.

DC Announces Vertigo Relaunch – Earth M wasn’t the only new imprint announced by DC, as Jim Lee (co-publisher) also announced that the return of Vertigo could be as soon as next August. Vertigo was always the more mature brand, where books like “iZombie”, “Y the Last Man”, and “Preacher” were launched from. Each existed indecent of any other book or universe on the brand, which is far different from DC-main operates it’s line of comics. This will mean by next August, DC could have their DC brand, Earth-M, WildStorm, Vertigo and Young Animal all existing together.

V for Vendetta Getting TV Series? – Channel 4 in the UK is developing a t.v. series based around “V For Vendetta”. The comic already saw life as a live action adaptation in the form of the film of the same name. Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving starred as the two main protagonists. This is all from Bleeding Cool and can’t be confirmed as of yet.

Quick Hits – Reeling from the bad showing of “The Mummy”, Universal Pictures has announced “Bride of Frankenstein” has been postponed; both stars remain on board though. Michael B. Jordan to produce and star in “Raising Dion” on Netflix. Jill Scott to play Lady Eye on “Black Lighting”.